Stories & Testimonials

Our Stories:
It was around the second grade when she started to wake up on random mornings with a 

stomach ache whose description was unlike anything I knew. If I made her get up and face the day, she would be throwing up the rest of the day. But if I let her sleep longer then when she woke she would feel better. One doctor said she was fine and did nothing, another prescribed ulcer medication which only worked hit and miss. Around 12 years old a chiropractor worked on her and said her organs were twisted, after pushing and pulling on her stomach he said she would be much better now.

And she was for about 4 years. Then she started throwing up again, only this time at first it seemed to be every time she was nervous. We talked about it all the time, it wasn't uncommon for her to mention that she had thrown up. But there was one day when I realized it was different; I was volunteering at the school to help take tickets at the door of a musical she was in. We were still fairly new to the area, so I was meeting some of the other parents for the first time. We'd ask about each other's kids and there were a few of the parents that when they made the connection who she was, they said, "Oh your daughter is the one who can't stop throwing up back stage." I was shocked. What what was happening? She nearly could not keep down any food at all. This was about the same time that I was beginning my classes to become a foot zone practitioner.

The first time I gave her a full foot zone, I found it. There it was as plain as day! The food allergies she had were enormous and her intestines were paying the price.

Over the next handful of months we were able to eliminate A LOT of foods from her diet and as her intestines healed, we were able to add most things back, but not all. But she stopped throwing up! She didn't throw up when she was nervous or wake up with weird stomach aches any more.

Thank goodness we found it and were able to make changes that helped her feel better! Thank goodness I was learning that skill at just the right moment!

I am paying it forward and have become an instructor. If you have people in your life that you want to help, hit me up for more info!! I would love to have you in class! Or if someone comes into your heart, please pass this information along!!

In this world that becomes stranger and stranger all the time, I am very grateful to have this skill to help my family!

Our Stories:
The first time my husband's back "went out" was years ago. I still remember how he came 

into the room and stood in front of where I was sitting and lifted his shirt and asked, "Does this look normal to you?" What I was looking at, looked like someone had taken a Ken Doll and pulled the torso off of the hips and legs and reattached them slightly off to one side. His entire torso from the top of the pelvis up was shifted about 6 inches to the side.

At first his back only went out every once in a while, but over time it became more frequent. When it goes out, he isn't able to do much of anything except lay flat. The muscles all become really tight and the bones are literally shifted to the side, which aggravates all kinds of nerve pain.

As the years went on and his back went out more often, we had to come up with new ways to help him. One of those ways is foot zoning. Once when his back was out, he went to see a chiropractor who X-rayed and told him he could not adjust him because he could cause major damage. He sent him home with a few stretches and instructions and told him to come back again the next day to see if he could help him then.

When Dan went back the next day the chiropractor was shocked at how much better he was. He asked Dan, "What did you do?" and Dan said, "I didn't really do anything, I just had my wife give me a foot zone."

When it is out he lays flat on the chaise end of the couch and I go to work on his feet. As I rub and work his feet I am able to calm some of those muscles and the pain and sometimes I am able to bring the back back into alignment.

The weirdest, but coolest time that it was able to help him was just the most recent time that his back was out. I had worked hard on all of the signals for his back and spine (on his feet). Then when I got to the end and was holding both feet in front of me, I noticed one foot was extremely longer than the other. I said, "whoa, your one leg is much longer than the other." and he said that was something that happens often when his back is out. (No wonder when it is out, he walks all bent to the side and twisted looking) I didn't say it out loud but in my head I said, "Well what should I do with this?" and I heard, "Just pull it." I was surprised and said, "WHAT?" and heard again, "Pull it!" So without hesitation, I took a hold of the shorter leg and gave it a good pull. There was a popping noise from his hip area and he let out a huge release of air.

We were done so he started to stand up and suddenly realized that his pain was much less and he was able to stand much easier and straighter and walk around.

Here is his testimonial: "I have a disc in my back that will slip out on me occasionally, and when it does, I'm down and out for a few days and dealing with quite a bit of pain in addition to not being able to stand up straight or sit down normally. It usually takes at least 4 or 5 days before I can get back to regular activity.

Shortly after Judy had completed her foot zone training, my back went out on me once again. After dealing with the pain and discomfort for a couple of days, Judy suggested I let her give me a foot zone to see if that would help at all. It was amazing to see how much it helped with the pain, and for the rest of the day, I was able to stand up straight and move around pretty normally. It took a couple of days off of my normal recovery time and allowed me to get back to my regular activity level quicker. I've seen first-hand how Judy is able to grasp what is going on and what will help and am so glad she's able to help out me and our family when health issues crop up. She has a real gift!" Dan

The real gift is the skill of how to give a foot zone! The credit goes to this amazing tool of foot zoning! Thank goodness we have a way to help relieve the pain! And zoning him regularly has spread those times of it going out farther and farther in between. If you are suffering from back pain, let's try it and see if it can give you some relief.

And would you love to have this tool for yourself and family? What are you waiting for? I am starting two classes soon, an online class and a face-to-face class, and would love to have you with me!!

Our Stories:
He wasn't always this way, you see. He used to run with us, play games, ball, ride bikes,

camp, foot races, water skiing, and so much more.  20 years ago my dad was in a terrible accident and an outbuilding fell with him inside. He was literally crushed. We all thought that would be the end. But even then, he kept on going, fighting and recovering.

Then in the past decade or so he has slowed down greatly. His diagnosis with Parkinson's Disease explained the onset of PTSD that hadn't been there before. And each day brings its new challenges. My dear mom is his care taker day in and day out. Sadly the Parkinson's creates great problems for them both. Dad has tremors in his hands and face and mouth. Because they appear irregularly it makes it difficult for him to do easy every day tasks. Sometimes the shaking is severe and poor dad seems to be stuck on the inside staring out through scared eyes, trying to make sense of what is happening to him. Also, because of the Parkinson's causing the PTSD, he often has panic attacks and anxiety.

I have been lucky enough and consider it a great blessing to have been able to foot zone my mom and dad close to weekly since 2018.

When I was in school and I started practicing on my mom, my dad would stand by watching with skepticism at first, and make jokes about how he "thought (his) brain was in (his) head not (his) toe". Until one day he asked when it would be his turn.

I will never forget how he sat in the chair near the front door after his first foot zone. Me and mom bustled around gathering up things in my preparation to leave. And dad just sat there with his hand raised up in the air like he was waiting for a high five. But no matter how many times we gave him a high five, he just sat there with his hand up.

Soon, I was ready to go, and gave him one last high five, his hand remained up. I asked him "What is it dad? What do you need?" and then my mom realized it first, and she said, "He's not shaking!!" It was at that moment that I realized the impact this could have for them both. I realized the connection that could be made in the brain through the signals in the feet. And so I set out to try and zone them once a week from then on.

Each time I zone him, yes, of course the improvement of the shaking is a huge bonus, and dad watches his hands and anxiously anticipates a change in his shaking all throughout the foot zone, but the best rewards have been seeing how he can walk easier after a zone, he changes from barely even shuffling with the occasional freeze up while he waits for the signal from his brain to reach his legs, to sometimes bustling along like he is in a race.(a race with a walker) Having him tell stories that I have never heard before, having him tell me how his legs don't ache afterward, having his circulation improve so drastically in his feet and legs that you can see a physical change in them, being able to calm him down when he is upset or panicked or having him and mom talk about how they have seen so many benefits from the zones and get teary eyed. Over all, their well-being has been improved. And isn't that what it is all about, helping our loved ones feel a little bit better?

I have been extremely blessed to be able to do this for them! I know the foot zone won't keep them alive forever, it won't solve all their problems or turn back the clock. But it sure is nice to see their quality of life improve each time I give them one. Even if it is for just a short time.

Now I want to pay it forward. I have been teaching foot zoning. I am putting together two exciting classes, one ONLINE class, and another FACE-to-FACE class. So who do you know that you could help with a foot zone? Or who do you know that would be great at this and should be in one of my classes? These classes are coming together, I would love to talk with you about it and how we can make it work for you!

Our Stories:
I was nearly 41 weeks pregnant, and had carried all of my boys happily to 41-43 weeks. 

The difference with this one was my previous delivery had ended in an emergency c-section and I didn't want another one.

They were telling me if I didn't start naturally by my appointment on June 5th, that they would start me, and in that case, they would just do another c-section.

I was very emotional and stressed about that. I had tried everything that is said to bring on labor, believe me with all 5 of my boys being late, I was very familiar with all of the remedies. But nothing had worked.

On June 4th I went to a good friend to get a foot zone. She helped me relax, release all my worry and stress and emotionally make a place for baby after the delivery. During the zone, while working the signals on my feet she was able to prepare the pelvis, and other things to help labor come.

I went home feeling much more ready emotionally, and my water broke in the middle of the night. Contractions were regular and strong enough that we walked into the hospital around 12:45 pm on the 5th, and had a natural delivery at 1:45 p.m. At 5:30 p.m. they said we could go home. There were no meds and no problems, so we were cleared to go home.

That birth was one of the most beautiful births I had and definitely one of the most memorable.

I am grateful for my friend and the help she gave me through the foot zone. Little did I know that years later foot zoning would become a part of my life and path.

And to make it even better, I have also become an instructor and am trying to share this powerful tool with as many as possible. I have TWO classes open for registration; an online class and a face-to- face class. My heart keeps telling me there are more people out there. Maybe it is you. Maybe it is someone you know. Tag someone, or reach out to me for more details.

Our Stories:
I considered her a dear friend but we didn't know each other very well. She contacted me 

in a panic (PRE pandemic) and asked me if I could help her son. He had been sick and was having trouble breathing.

I can't promise specific results, but the foot zone can definitely bring the body back into balance and help things reset so the body can go to work on what it needs to do. So she brought him for a foot zone.

As I worked the signal of the lungs I could feel something blocking some of the bronchi. I worked at it and could feel whatever it was breaking apart and the signal for the lungs opening up.

I had never experienced anything like this before, I was fairly new at foot zoning. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I told him, "You might cough some stuff up over the next day or two, I think we got whatever it was broken up so coughing it out will help to clear it."

Just then, he got a terrified look on his face and grabbed the box of kleenex. He started to cough very violently and was indeed coughing a lot of stuff up. Finally, he was finished he looked at his mom, with a huge sigh of relief and said, "I feel SO much better!"

She cried.

If this or any of my other stories have touched you, let me know. I am teaching a class on foot zoning that is starting soon and I know in my heart there is someone else who is meant to be there. What are you waiting for? Who could you help?

Client and Student Testimonials

"You are an amazing teacher! So knowledgeable! I love that I can message you at any time and you will answer any of my random questions!"

Sadie S.-Preston, ID

"I love getting foot zoned by Judy!!! She is so in tune with what's going on and helps me so much with headaches and anxiety!!! She is absolutely magical!!! I love it! I feel so much better each time I go!"

Brooke F.-Smithfield, UT

"I loved my time at school! Judy was the best instructor, so kind, loving, caring, and made sure we knew our stuff! Thank you!"

Madison S.-West Jordan, UT

"Judy Ludlow is the best instructor!!!"

Rebecca D.-Roy, UT

"I loved my foot zone from Judy!"

Trista K.-Ogden, UT

"Judy, you are awesome! I loved my foot zone. It felt so nice and made me feel wonderful."

Sandy P.-Smithfield, UT

"I’m so happy that Judy is my foot zoner! We laugh, we cry, we have even been known to break out in song! She’s so in tune to my unique circumstances and I ALWAYS go away feeling refreshed and happy. I’m certain that if I hadn’t started going to her, I would not be as healthy as I am today. Thanks Judy! Love ya!"

Judy G.-Preston, ID

"Judy did an amazing job teaching the zone and the class that has been put together by We Do Feet is very thorough. I feel confident in my abilities to help others as I zone."

Maren W.-Providence, UT

"Judy  is wonderful. I have been to several foot zoners and I love Judy. She addresses any problems you might have. She always brightens my day and makes me feel 100% better when she is done. She is the best!!"

Betti E.-Blackfoot, ID

"Absolutely the Best experience ever!

Judy creates such an amazing course!!

If you have ever even thought about zoning,

Now is the perfect time!!

Judy’s Students are the best of the Best!
It is so interesting, that in the simplest thought to help your kiddos,

You found this crazy Foot Zone thing


You not only footzone people all the time,

You are teaching this to everyone that needs this in their lives.

EVERYONE needs to be in your class!

You are a magnificent footzoner

And your are the

G. O. A. T.

When it comes to your teaching!!

Best Instructor Ever!!"

Brad Noall-Wellsville, UT