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Foot Zone Continuing Education Courses

Are you aware that your brain houses a crucial system responsible for processing emotions and memories? This system plays a pivotal role in the brain's capacity to learn, retain memories, and manage emotions. Delve deeper into this intricate system and gain insights into various other aspects of the brain by embarking on a 12-week webinar journey through its functions with me. Throughout this journey, we will explore how the brain's ability to process sensory input and different stimuli, closely examining its different components through functioning, and deficiencies.

In each session, we will delve into specific areas of the brain and we will relate each area to the corresponding signals. Additionally, we'll discuss in detail the use of intentions and their transformative impact on your foot zone technique. The course will extend to cover the nervous system, including an innovative treatment involving the vagus nerve. If your graduation occurred prior to February 2022, you'll find this new treatment particularly intriguing. For those already familiar with it, it's an opportunity for comprehensive review and additional skill refining.

The total webinar series will be $325 which will give you access to all courses. Or you can pay $30 for each topic and attend the ones of your choice. 

Self Improvement

Join me for this 5 week webinar series to start your New Year in a transformational way! Each week a new topic will be presented to lead you to the breakthrough you have been waiting for. We will cover topics such as; Finding yourself and Defining your personal values, Developing long term and short term goals, Mindset, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Building self confidence and Overcoming self-doubt and negative thinking, Purpose, Imposter syndrome and Change.

Each webinar is 1.5 hours long and will equip you with tools to help you make 2024 a great year!

The total 5 week series will be $125 which will give you access to all 5 courses. Or you can pay $30 for each topic and attend the ones of your choice.

I am also open to creating classes in other locations. Please let me know if you would like to talk about the benefits of hosting a class in your area.